The Company
Pedi Technology has spent the last twelve years developing cutting edge electronic equipment for treating the biomechanical anomalies of the foot. This laboratory which is housed in the same locale as G. Milioto’s podiatric practice, benefits from over 20 years of his expertise. Acting as president of Pedi Technology, G. Milioto and his team have succeeded in developing; PediScan®, Scanfit®, PediCad® and PediMill™ which constitute the Orthotic Delivery System. (PediODS)™ .

Tired of dealing with plaster stains on his lab coat, G. Milioto decided to eliminate the manipulation of casts by both the practitioner and orthotic producing laboratory his thought being:

“We put a man on the moon yet we still struggle with the mess and imprecision associated with arcane plaster casting methods”

Pressed to improve the existing quality of podiatric service and therapy offered to his patients, G. Milioto and his team created The Orthotic Delivery System. PediODS ™ is the conception of a global solution for the measurement and analysis of the foot to ultimately create a high quality foot orthotic. The system is the marriage of a 3D laser scanner, a computer assisted design (CAD) program, an Internet based secure file transfer network and computer numeric controlled (CNC) milling technology.

Pedi Technology is the first company to offer the complete solution for anyone who dispenses and produces prescription foot orthoses. Traditionally, the scanning devices offered by competitors have lacked the precision required to properly capture the foot. In addition, their high price has resulted in practitioners and orthotic producers being reluctant to subscribe to these new technologies.

To offer the most advanced technology and services to anyone involved in the prescription, fabrication and dispensing of foot orthotics.

To standardize the process of electronic casting and computer assisted fabrication of the foot orthotic internationally.