Pedi Technology has developed a line of products conceived to facilitate the prescription, casting, fabrication and delivery of the foot orthotic. For individuals interested in prescribing orthotics, the PediScan® laser scanning system was developed to eliminate plaster casts and produce a precise 3D image of the plantar aspect of the foot. In response to delayed fabrication and delivery times for orthotics, a computer assisted design (CAD) program named PediCad® was created. Conceived with the orthotic designer/fabricator in mind, this software package helps to streamline the production process and reduce turnaround times. Finally, acting as the nexus of the system, the secure PediODS® Internet based server allows members to quickly and confidentially exchange patient scan files, prescriptions and fabrication parameters.

Jump feet first into the new ODS technology

Reduction in orthotic fabrication time
Electronic 3D casting takes a mere 12 seconds per foot verses 45 minutes with conventional plaster. The scan can then be sent via the Internet in under one minute.
The CNC machine can cut an orthotic mold in less than 1.5 minutes.
This substantial savings in time results in the practitioner being able to see more patients in one day in order to bring more people faster relief of their lower extremity discomfort.

A greater precision
Plaster casts shrink as they dry and are often damaged during shipping. This of course, results in an inaccurate representation of the patient’s foot and therefore a poor base for orthotic creation. A laser scan is not susceptible to damage or loss of precision.
If a scan is unsatisfactory it can be easily and quickly retaken. Even with multiple attempts the patient can be re-scanned with the information arriving to the lab in under 10 minutes.
With the PediScan® system, orthotic fabrication instructions are clear and accurate, avoiding errors at the fabrication stage.

Reduction in the costs of fabrication
Reduction in the costs of materials.
Eliminates shipping fees and the costs related to handling and stocking bulky and fragile plaster molds.
User friendly and secure archiving system for electronic casts.

Improved working conditions
Eliminates the mess and health risks related to plaster dust.
ODS is based on traditional orthotic casting and fabrication techniques, therefore integrating the system is virtually transparent.
The scanner uses safe laser technology and requires no specialized room to operate in.