The PediScan® system allows you to prescribe custom made orthotics without having the mess of plaster. PediScan® Integrated ordering system giving you rapid and full access to our ever growing list of laboratories offering custom high quality foot orthotics. PediScan’s® small footprint as well as mobility is excellent for almost any office environment. What makes the PediScan true 3-D laser scanning system unique compared to other systems is its ability to take the third axis into consideration. With our user friendly interface, it is simple to integrate this system into any practice. PediScan® is truly a turn key solution.


PediScan® key features:

  • PediScan® patient profiles are stored locally on your PediScan® Database and archived on our on-line servers.*
  • PediScan® gives you the ability to take an accurate scan of a patient’s foot in 12 seconds versus the 15 to 20 minutes for traditional casting. This frees up time and allows you to spend more time with you’re patients.
  • Fill out laboratory prescriptions using the integrated tool
  • PediScan’s® small footprint make it easy to move from room to room.
  • Hands free voice activation gives you the freedom to hold the patients foot in the desired position.


System Includes:

  • PediScan® 3-D laser scanner with integrated adjustable stand
  • Windows® computer with software pre-loaded.
  • All necessary cables
  • PediScan® USB verification key